Americans are at their best when they can talk with another, disagree, even argue, but agree to keep the dialogue going. Unfortunately, too many people feel today like they can’t do that, and they have to avoid even speaking to people with whom they disagree.

The Civility Project is changing that.


Celebrated journalists Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson have been longtime friends, despite their different perspectives on pretty much everything. The one thing they agree on is the importance of their friendship—which includes a healthy dose of disagreement and mutual respect.

The Civility Project places people before the moment of disagreement in discussion of how we come to our beliefs and viewpoints.

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This discussion was a great reminder that manners, courtesy and civility should be at the forefront of our minds as we navigate through our common questions and fears. Living with intention allows us to remember that we are all in this together. It’s not you against me, but ‘US’ navigating, together. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself!
Suzi K.
Delta Dental
I thought it was refreshing to see how two people who obviously were not in agreement on SO many things still found the common ground and set aside the differences and focused on the similarities to build a friendship. We need so much more of that in today’s world. The message is timely and very appropriate in today’s society.
Matt M.
Delta Dental