How It Works

Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson bring their story and their perspectives on the importance of civility, despite different stances and perspectives, to communities, workplaces, and audiences throughout the Midwest.

Our virtual and in-person programs run from an hour to a full day. We conduct trainings for school boards, leadership teams and university staff and faculty. Many organizations begin with an hour-long session and then book a longer program to expand on the lessons and techniques learned in an introductory session.

Generous sponsorships from Delta Dental and Huntington Bank underwrite our programs to make them affordable to hosting organizations. We charge varying fees for in-person programs dependent on duration and location. When a program requires travel and overnight stays, accommodations and travel must be covered by the host organization.

In our workshops, you'll learn how to:

  • Agree to disagree
  • Engage in civil conversation
  • Build respect for each other’s humanity
  • Learn to listen to other sides
  • Use what you hear to challenge or affirm your own views
  • Stay curious