Hear what attendees are saying about the Civility Project:

D. D.

The Civility Project with Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson is doing incredibly important work. In such a polarized political environment, their message about civility is refreshing. It is also exactly what we need as a society and nation to improve our politics, and with that policy solutions to our most pressing problems. Stephen and Nolan help participants see how it’s possible to disagree about politics but maintain a great working relationship, rather than talking past each other with assumptions of what the other person thinks. Anyone concerned about this issue should definitely engage with The Civility Project.

T. M.

I enjoyed the session. I was pleasantly surprised by how the content and discussion did not dance on the surface but got to the root of many issues we have in society and in general with regard to communication and conflict resolution. It was a safe environment in which I was allowed time to self-reflect and encouraged me to be more intentional about seeking understanding in conflict. The moderators were knowledgeable and experienced. The format challenged me to move out of my comfort zone to squarely examine how to handle my thoughts and belief systems when seeking understanding and resolution in conflict.

S. J.

Real good content. I loved it – need more of this!!

M. M.

I thought it was refreshing to see how two people who obviously were not in agreement on SO many things still found the common ground and set aside the differences and focused on the similarities to build a friendship. We need so much more of that in today’s world. Social media and politics have really IMO made this all the more evident. If you are on one side of something and I the other…you are now my enemy and we could never agree on anything. That is so toxic and getting out of control. I think the message is timely and very appropriate in today’s society.

S. K.

The essence of humanity is understanding why we do what we do. We are all facing new and challenging times in the midst of this pandemic. When Delta Dental offered the chance to participate in the ‘Civility Project’ I was curious to see what others were feeling and thinking about in these uncertain times. This discussion was a great reminder that manners, courtesy and civility should be at the forefront of our minds as we navigate through our common questions and fears. Living with intention allows us to remember that we are all in this together. It’s not you against me, but ‘US’ navigating, together. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself!