Oakland University event promotes civil conversations

Americans are having a harder time talking with each other, according to an Oakland University professor. Civility Day aims to change that.

Detroit Today, Sam Corey

From political leadership, we sometimes hear promotions of civil conversations.

But civil conversations don’t necessarily mean just being kind to one another. Rather, when we promote civil conversations, we’re trying to encourage a sense of curiosity, openness and humility — particularly with those whom you disagree.

The Civility Project will host a Civility Day event on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at Oakland University in Rochester. The event will feature a series of panel discussions, led by founders and journalists Nolan Finley and Detroit Today’s own Stephen Henderson, as well as experts and politicians, to give individuals a chance to immerse in civility-building.

“The key is that respect and understanding. We don’t get personal with it, and we don’t assign negative qualities to each other — make assumptions about each other — because of our disagreements.”

Nolan Finley, The Detroit News editor.